From Front Desk to Report Delivery, & Everything in Between

CrelioHealth for Diagnostics

Web-based LIMS and RIS solution for automating your processes & managing business better

Trused by
1500 +

Diagnostics Laboratories
& Radiology Centers

Front Desk

Automate your front desk & manage all workflows with automated communications, configurable forms, online payments and more.

Complete patient management

Manage all your patients details in one place, tailor workflows as you need and deliver quality patient experience.

Improve efficiency & save costs

Configurable Forms

Customise patient registration form to meet the needs of your business and ensure you never receive incomplete registrations.
Interface Medical Instruments

Hassle-free Online Payment Collection

With payment gateway integrations and auto pay-outs, collect payments from patients online. Patients can check their reports on app after settling their dues.
Stop revenue leakages

Automated Communications (SMS/ Emails)

Automate all your communications to your stakeholders & keep them informed without any efforts - from welcoming patients to notifying them and other stakeholders about reports status and delivery.

Decentralise your sales & bookings

Manage your sales, bookings and collections across multiple locations with customised price lists applied automatically.

Digital delivery to everyone

Remote Sales bookings

Deliver an end to end experience with the help of separate logins for your collection centres, hospitals and corporates.
Manage multiple locations at ease

Multiple Configurable Price Lists

Manage separate and multiple price lists for different organisations, referrals & insurances, that get automatically applied during booking.
Complete mobile experience

Appointments & Home Collections

Manage your bookings, appointments & home collections with tracking for your delivery boys.


We specialise in automating your operations to enable a very seamless yet robust process. Right from managing samples to interfacing machines with specific rules to auto-generate reports and deliver them automatically to patients.

Sample management

Auto-generate sample labels as per your sample types and codes. CrelioHealth LIMS helps you manage, segregate & reject samples based on predefined checks.

Improve efficiency & save costs

Sample Types with Color Codes

Manage different sample types, with specific colour codes for each type of vacutainer, helping in sample segregation and sorting.
Interface Medical Instruments

Wide Range of Barcode Labels

Select from different types of sample labels that best suit your operations needs. CrelioHealth LIMS makes it possible to manage samples and print reports through App.
Stop revenue leakages

Real-Time Sample Tracking for Stakeholders

Keep your stakeholders including patients up-to-date about sample status realtime. We also support Webhooks to make this more configurable.

Reporting made easy

Customise your reports in any format that best suits your business needs. Set calculations & other rules for reference ranges based on gender & age.

Digital delivery to everyone

Configurable Report Formats

Completely customise your report formats or choose from 30+ different predefined templates that best suit your business needs.
Manage multiple locations at ease

Dynamic Reference Ranges

Configure reference ranges based on gender and age group. Set age ranges using days, months & years.
Complete mobile experience

View Past Results

View patients' current results with respect to the last report results and make an informed interpretation based on the comparison of the two.


Set specific rules for your in-house doctors to authorise reports- from department specific rules to minimum verification rules.

Improve efficiency & save costs

One Click Signature

Allow Doctors to sign their patient reports from the app itself in just a click. CrelioHealth for Doctors App lets you manage your patients and your access.
Stop revenue leakages

Secured for Signing Doctors

Manage your doctors’ signatures securely and privately with audit logs for each signature. Signing doctors are independent of the provider and have complete rights on their signatures.


Our focus on Automation enables our customers to deliver more with less. Embrace automation in your business to reduce redundant tasks, enable fast ops & reduce expenditure.


Instrument Interfacing

Completely automate your instruments and reports from those instruments. With bidirectional interface, let our systems manage instruments so your staff can focus on helping patients & providers.

Instrument Interfacing
Improve efficiency & save costs

Eliminate Data Entry

Automate results from instruments to be directly interfaced with patient reports and eliminate report entry errors completely.
Interface Medical Instruments

Reduce Manual Intervention

Optimise manpower productivity by completely transforming into digital and automated operations.


Seamless Digital Experience

We provide the first-ever complete end-to-end report delivery system. Enable it for all your stakeholders and deliver a truly digital experience.

Digital delivery to everyone

Complete Digitisation

Complete digitisation of workflows, right from test requisitions to end delivery, use powerful in-built tools and forget paper use completely.

Digital delivery to everyone

Better Control

With a completely digital process, ensure robust monitoring and user accountability through access control and activity logs.

Digital delivery to everyone

Unlimited Archives

With your operations on cloud, leverage unlimited storage of patient records and always have patient history at your fingertips.

Digital delivery to everyone

Automated Delivery

Eliminate post analytical TAT with digital delivery of reports, speeding up overall TAT significantly for your patients, doctors & organisations.


Automated Workflows

We provide extended automation to support rule based workflows to speed up & standardise your operations. We currently only support these features for enterprise customers only.

Improve efficiency & save costs


Enable auto-validations, and authorise results based on their current reference range and validity as per the rule set. Have your results then automatically validated by the system and forwarded further in the process.
Interface Medical Instruments

Auto-Dispatch & Delivery

Enable automated delivery and deliver reports to patients and organisations immediately when they are authorised. This eliminates major part of post-analytical TAT.

Finance & Payments

Finance is an integral part of your business, and also inter-linked to your operations. Our finance & payment systems lets you have better financial control over your operations.

Finance analytics

Analyse, project & plan better with detailed statistical charts that give you a visual representation of your financial data.

Daily insights & finance on the app

Get real-time business insights right on the ‘CrelioHealth for Doctors app’. Monitor your business and stay updated with the actions as they happen.

Digital delivery to everyone


Get a quick view at operational & business insights.
Digital delivery to everyone

Sales & Billings

Your sales summary with referrals & organisations.
Digital delivery to everyone


Keep track of your paid & unpaid business.
Digital delivery to everyone

Online Payments

Get notified for your online payment collections.

Consolidated reports across multiple locations

Managing finance updates is a pain, and with growing business it only gets complex. With CrelioHealth, getting business & financial reports across multiple locations is just a click away.

Digital delivery to everyone

Multi-Location MIS

Business summary across multiple locations is available as a MIS, excel & PDF in a click.
Manage multiple locations at ease

Location Based Insights on App

Get location based status updates right on your app. Never lose sight of your business.


Managing a successful business is hard. CrelioHealth's Admin tools make administration easier than ever. With policy based access control for your staff, audit logs, departments, outsourcing & centre management, you get to manage & monitor the pulse of your business.

Set policies for your staff

Manage your staff across multiple locations, with specific access control and usage limits.

Improve efficiency & save costs

Manage Policies

Create and manage policies for different business roles and apply organisation wide.
Interface Medical Instruments

Two-Factor Authentication

Security in business is of prime importance. Enable two factor authentication and you have an additional layer of security.
Stop revenue leakages

Stop Revenue Leakages

Create and manage specific limits like, discounts limits, credit limits, cash in-hand, etc. for blue collar staff and avoid revenue leakages.

Audit logs for everything

Managing healthcare information is critical. Even the smallest error can lead to serious issues making it difficult to trace its root cause. CrelioHealth maintains activity logs with respect to reports, sample, payment and bills and gives a clear audit trail

Digital delivery to everyone


Find logs for specific reports, bills & payments with details on when and what was edited over time and by whom.
Manage multiple locations at ease

Identify Erroneous Changes

Quickly identify error in data, with details of the changes over time. Corrections with accurate audit trail is easier than ever.


CrelioHealth offers a platform to collaborate with other labs & diagnostic centres more seamlessly. Configure your tests / services for outsourcing to other labs or accept outsourced samples from other labs. Manage complete B2B process with our outsource management.

Improve efficiency & save costs

Outsource Tests

Automatically transfer test requisitions between locations, and get the results at your main centre when the tests are done.
Interface Medical Instruments

Get Outsourced Tests

With similar bidirectional transfer between locations, grow your business with no overheads and automated sample, tests & report transfers.


Maintaining constant relationship with all your patients, referrals and organisations is difficult. With CrelioHealth Information system now leverage your data, maintain regular communication and establish stronger relationships with all stakeholders.

CrelioHealth Reach (TM)

CrelioHealth Reach is our in-house tool to manage your communication with your Patients, Referrals & Organisations. Always keep your stakeholders up-to-date with the latest updates about your business.

Digital delivery to everyone

Run Targeted Patient Campaigns

Run campaigns for different segments of your customer base and target based on age, gender, tests, regions and more.
Complete mobile experience

Keep Your Business Partners up-to-date

Share update about your business with your organisations, partners & referrals. Keep them updated about new tests, price changes & your success stories.

Loyalty cards

Manage & print loyalty cards with credit points for your customers and their families. Extend your business growth with your most valuable & loyal customers.

Improve efficiency & save costs

Manage Different Loyalty Groups

Segment your customers based on types, and give different loyalty benefits for different levels.
Interface Medical Instruments

Credit Points & Validity

Offer prepaid cards for your patients & their families with validity options for credits.
Stop revenue leakages

Multiple Locations

Deliver a seamless customer experience, offer loyalty benefits to your customers managed centrally across multiple locations.
Customer Support

Our entire product strategy is built around our customers and to empower them to do more with our tools. Our highly rated customer support team equates only customer success with business success.

Built-in online chat on demand

Chat anytime with our support team for any queries, and get your solution in minutes without having to call or wait. With our built-in chat-support, you can quickly seek help without leaving your screen.

Weekly Webinars (Coming soon)

Tune in to our weekly webinar sessions to learn more about the basics of getting started with a our Information System, new features, tips & tricks and a lot more. We help build a community to drive adoption and innovation in the industry.

Dedicated account manager

Get a dedicated account manager to help you map your business processes, arrange dedicated webinar sessions and much more for your business.

Improve efficiency & save costs

Personalised On-boarding

An on-boarding plan is designed specifically for your business by our dedicated account manager, considering the process complexity, staff, instruments & locations.
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Guaranteed Resolution Time

With Dedicated Account manager, get an SLA commitment for response and resolution.