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Large scale testing is going to be key to contain COVID-19. But tracking testing & ensuring compliance for 100s of labs across the country is very hard. CrelioHealth has been doing exactly that with 1500+ labs across India.

Current Landscape

This is the start for COVID-19 pandemic, at the peak of the curve India will be doing thousands of tests daily. In such a case, we will need very capable tech infrastructure while enabling real-time decision making by giving us better control over information flow.

Current Problems

Current Problems in Covid-19 Testing
COVID-19 Testing guidance
Testing for COVID-19 RT-PCR is not routine for labs, they need guidance.
reporting to ICMR
Reporting of results to ICMR is a burden, automated or bulk reporting is not available.
Mobile Reporting
Mobile Reporting is not available everywhere. Technology can help scale testing via Booths.


What we really need is a simplified way of scaling up testing using existing infrastructure of available 300,000 labs in the country.

Solution on covid testing
Covid-19 Test Sample
More Labs should and will be needed to test across different parts of the country.
information systems integrated healthcare
Interoperable Information Systems, integrated with helplines, hospitals & govt. platforms.
testing booths home collections
Mobile testing & reporting capabilities for testing at booths, at home collections.
prediction engine
Finally a prediction engine on top which can predict outbreaks by pin-code.

Lab Information System that lets you start testing COVID-19 samples in minutes

Getting labs started with the workflows for testing is key. They would need different sample types & vacutainers than usual, report templates with WHO & ICMR guidelines, integrate with instruments to capture results automatically, ability to capture patient history every time a healthcare worker interacts with a patient and finally report all cases to ICMR & Govt authorities with ease or ideally automatically.

A need for an integrated technology solution cannot be ignored, with so much market fragmentation, and untrained staff it's almost impossible to ensure accurate reporting at scale and on time.

start testing COVID

Start testing for COVID in 60 minutes

customise workflows

Customise workflows as per your lab process

daily trends of COVID reporting

Get daily trends on your COVID reporting

integrated instruments within a few hours

Getting to Cloud

We can get customers started with the platform with integrated instruments within a few hours.
Saving labs more than 40% time in compliance and zero time in reporting. We have already built a quick onboarding ready flow for Covid in the platform as we have 4 labs already testing Covid -19 on it.

The Current Workflow

paper based systeam workflow
Patients, Samples are registered
Patients/ Samples are registered at each hospital or lab separately.
Testing is done on local
Testing is done on local software and paper based forms are used.
upload every single patient to ICMR website
Each lab then needs to manually upload every single patient to ICMR website.
Positive samples are sent to NIV
Positive samples are sent to NIV - Registration done only on paper.
Reporting the patient is done via phone calls.
Reporting the patient is done via phone calls.
Reporting to Authorities
Reporting to Authorities is done via email & paper.

Proposed Workflow

Orders are sent to the closest hospital or lab for testing based on the queue and TAT.
Patients identification
Patients identified by Aadhar, for contact tracing.
patient capturing clinical history
Every patient registration prompts for capturing clinical history if not already done.
samples barcoded and identified with numbers
All samples barcoded and identified with numbers across the network.
Integrated lab instruments ensure automated
Integrated lab instruments ensure automated sample result entry.
Automatic flagging of positive cases
Automatic flagging of positive cases based on results from instruments.
cases automatically reported to NIV, ICMR
All cases automatically reported to NIV, ICMR & other govt bodies.
reported immediately
Positive cases are traced and reported immediately for quarantining.
Secure access and data management
Secure access and data management, Audit trail, digital results approval.


covid testing Interoperability
automated & instant reporting to authorities
An interoperable information system will ensure automated & instant reporting to authorities.
Covid Interoperability
Interoperability will ensure everyone benefits from the information highway.
Covid Interoperability
Interoperability will compound the healthcare benefits especially for the provider, the patient & the payer.
Covid Interoperability
This will give much better coexistence of multiple applications who are all trying to contribute for the cause.
Members of our support team joined Govt. of Maharashtra as volunteers for COVID helpline Coronavirus Telemedicine helpline - Talk to a doctor ... - Lucep


Covid Testing platform Advantages
Platform is build on APIs & webhooks & designed for interoperability.
Covid Testing platform Advantages
The auto submission of results to NIV reducing manual efforts & time.
Covid Testing platform Advantages
Real-time trends for all labs as well as the govt.
Covid Testing platform Advantages
Direct SMS & Whatsapp integration, track every message.
Covid Testing platform Advantages
Other platforms or software can integrate easily with open API’s availability.

Need Supplies

As part of COVID-19 initiative, we want to ensure business continuity and safety for all. We have aggregated supplies that you need during COVID, right from the Indian manufacturers, the best quality products at their lowest price.

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COVID Prediction Tool

As the number of cases keep rising and the authorities continue swift actions, we would need a steady track on the number of cases in a region. Many countries have taken contact tracing as a reliable approach towards isolating patients, but that method relies on two things, one, real time identification of positive cases, and two, identification of the patient uniquely. Both are possible with the proposed platform. The benefits of the prediction tool will not only help identify positive cases as they happen, but also highlight reduction in cases and any new cases in specific geographic areas for early containment.

Proposed Prediction tool with Project COPE ( )

We are extending the prediction tool to do more than primary identification of positive cases. The tool will also identify patients with low immunity with the help of routine blood tests and give indicative health risk to the patient. Clubbed with clinical history, it can identify high risk patients which should be suggested quarantine due to their immunity and clinical history. This has been testing with a small group of patients. Large scale testing with data of positive cases with AIIMS Delhi is ongoing.

Preconfigured COVID-19 Testing Workflow - DEMO

How to enable the COVID-19 test in your center?

Start Testing for COVID-19

Why Us

We at CrelioHealth have been building Cloud Lab & Diagnostic Information Systems and have been the most widely used healthcare IT platform by providers, doctors & patients. But we cannot do this alone. CrelioHealth has always been collaborative & interoperable with more than 60+ partners companies who work with us to enable better healthcare for everyone.

Our scale of testing currently (daily volume)

CrelioHealth for Diagnostics, a platform for labs which is being used by 1500+ labs & are already managing 150k+ tests everyday with 15k+ logins. Completely managed in the cloud and very interoperable with instant integrations.

Labs using CrelioHealth Platform for Testing COVID

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