Manage Employee Health Better.

More than just routine medical exams, get actionable insights to make your workplace more healthy, change lifestyles & make a difference.

How it works?

We offer you an on-premise, on-demand health screening at any location in the country, get insights & make decisions that make a difference.

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Step 1

Book for a Location

Request & confirm an on site collection for your organisation at any location from the available slots.

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Step 2

On-site Collection

Out team will be on site at the scheduled time for basic health screening & sample collection.

Explore Livehealth Doctor App

Step 3

Reports & Health Insights

After processing of samples, the reports will be digitally sent on the LiveHealth app and a detailed summary report with analysis & insights will be shared.

Improve workplace




Do your timely health checkups more actionable, get employees to monitor their health & choose from a wide range of health packages and labs.

LIMS, RIS Software-Truely Mobile Platform

Health Screening Anywhere

Get health checkups done across India at your office.

LIMS, RIS Software-Truely Mobile Platform

Completely Digital

With LiveHealth Eco-System, you can go completely digital from online payments to digital medical records.

LIMS, RIS Software-Truely Mobile Platform

Actionable Insights

Get insights that matter & suggestions to change the food & diets in your organisation to really make a difference.

LIMS, RIS Software-Truely Mobile Platform

Health Monitoring

Employees can monitor their health with the app to maintain a healthy lifestyle which in turn will increase the company's productivity

Best LIMS,RIS Software for your Centre- Best Visual Insights

Organisation Health Report

Get overall analysis of your organisation, from gender specific analysis to more detailed overview of the results.

Visualise results better

Get a comprehensive tailored summary for your organisation, with distribution of age & gender groups.

Drive change with insights

With overall health summary, get insights to drive change & compare health results from previous checkups. Know what’s is working for your organisation & what needs to be changed.

Quality Analysis

Employee benefits right in their pockets

Empower your employees to take control of their health. With LiveHealth, they can choose from any health provider and avail offers on health packages & get their records on mobile.

Single place to manage your family’s health

Employee can avail health benefits digitally not just for them but for the entire family. Book and get discounts from locations across the country.

Better health monitoring

With actionable insights, it's very important to stay consistent with your health goals. LiveHealth makes health monitoring simple, invisible and your goals a priority.

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Our executives will call you to explain about how to get started with LiveHealth for your organisation, pricing and details about our offerings.